Aston Martin Will Ban Customers Who Sell Their Valkyrie Build Slots

Courtesy: Aston Martin Media
Courtesy: Aston Martin Media /

Aston Martin will show zero-tolerance to those customers who try to sell the build slots reserved for the Valkyrie hypercar. Now that’s something which deserves a pat on the back.

There will always be those greedy bunch of car dealers and customers who book the build slots of rare cars with the only aim to sell them off. These “flippers” don’t just spoil things for those who actually deserve to buy the car in the first place. They also put those build slots up for sale with astronomical price tags for their “whales” to swallow. Aston Martin has decided to punch these “flippers” right on the nose and we applaud the move.

Twitter user Woodsypedia spotted one such case of potential flipping with a Dubai dealer – Knight International – being the one to take the heat. Woodsypedia came across the classifieds ad for the same in PistonHeads and posted on Twitter, tagging Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer.

Palmer responded to the tweet on the same day itself.  He said that he wasn’t sure of Knight International having a build slot for the Aston Martin Valkyrie. And that if the Dubai dealer is found flipping the car, it’ll lose the car as well as the privilege to order any other special Aston Martin car in the future.

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It’s this kind of treatment which carmakers have to deliver to those who don’t acknowledge, appreciate or respect the effort involved in creating and delivering an exotic car.

Dealers who rob the true enthusiasts of the chance to own a car like the Aston Martin Valkyrie, by coming up with cash-hungry tricks like flipping certainly need to be put down with an Iron Fist (not the Marvel-NetFlix one though).

The rear-wheel drive hypercar will be powered by a Cosworth-developed, mid-mounted 6.5-liter V12 engine and will also boast of a hybrid system. A 7-speed gearbox will be in charge of transmitting the 1000+ hp of power to the wheels.

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The British carmaker intends to make 150 units of the car in its road-legal form, making the Aston Martin Valkyrie a rare piece which will see a massive increase in value over the course of years.

Red Bull Racing is partnering with Aston Martin to bring the Valkyrie to life and so are Alcon, Bosch, Cosworth, Mutlimatic, Ricardo and Rimac.

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Aston Martin will release 25 more units in track-car track car-guise too. Though we are yet to see a running prototype of the Valkyrie, that’ll be showing up sometime next year as the brand is shooting for a 2019 date to commence deliveries.