Watch A Mercedes Benz CLK GTR Powerslide and Attack A Dirt Road

Bernd Schneider of Germany drives the
Bernd Schneider of Germany drives the /

The owner of this rare Mercedes Benz CLK GTR does the unthinkable with his exotic machinery. He drives the damn thing as if it’s a bloody rally car!

The Mercedes Benz CLK GTR is a rare specimen. Only 26 road-going versions of the race car exist and only six of them are roadsters. Getting one of these is difficult and owning it is going to cost a fortune. So you can imagine how much it’s going to chew into your wallet, in the event of crashing one. Well, the owner of this CLK GTR roadster doesn’t seem to care about any of those and in a proud display of his philosophy of “if you own a race car, drive it the way it like one”, this chap took it out for a short yet exciting spin on a dirt road.

The video was shot by a YouTuber at the Heveningham Hall Concours meet in England and if you look at the lawn where this footage was filmed, you’ll see a hell lot of expensive machinery. A McLaren P1, a McLaren F1 and even a hardtop version of the Mercedes Benz CLK GTR can be spotted in the early minutes of the clip. And there are a handful of other classics littered across the space, including a Porsche 917 Le Mans racer and more classic cars. Not a right place to launch your ultra-rare and bloody fast car into a high-speed run followed by a session of pulling off powerslides.

But that’s exactly what the owner of the Mercedes Benz CLK GTR Roadster Number 3 did. He hopped into the car, rolled it out of the lawn, pointed it in the direction of a narrow dirt road and floored the pedal. Though the car never really reaches it maximum speed on the uneven surface, it’s quite scary to see a machine which costs millions of dollars, being driven hard and fast in an environment like that.

The Mercedes Benz CLK GTR roadster has a larger emblem on the front grille and a new big black spoiler at the rear to set it apart from its hardtop brother. And yes, rollover bars with cockpit headrests integrated into them.

One false move and the car would have got itself wrapped around a bunch of those trees. And things wouldn’t have been easier once you were in open space too, as there were dozens of priceless cars lying around to run into.

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In the words of the uploader TheTFJJ,

"There are no words I can use to describe this video, you’ll just have to watch it. We begin by drifting a 1 of 6 Mercedes CLK GTR AMG Roadster around a field, then take it for a crazy drive through the forest ‘rally stage’.Worth over £2 million, the car is powered by a 612 bhp V12 engine and is capable of just under 200 mph and 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. It’s rare enough to see one of these cars, let alone take it for a mad drive, so a massive thanks to the owner for this opportunity."

The CLK GTR continues to stay relevant and iconic in an age when cars of its kind have become smarter than the drivers themselves.

We’ve got to give credit where it’s due, regardless of the risks and borderline recklessness on display here. The owner of this CLK GTR actually had the courage to push his thoroughbred race car to go fast and furious. That happens rarely as most supercars, hypercars and road-going versions of racing machines end up in air-conditioned garages without ever getting the chance to do what they were built to do.

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Having said that, the driver almost gave us and the owner of that Porsche 917 Le Mans racer a heart attack by doing that powerslide stunt on the lawn. That was too close for comfort.