Fan-Made One-Off LEGO Nissan GT-R Nismo Is Awesome!

(Photo by Bryan Thomas/Getty Images)
(Photo by Bryan Thomas/Getty Images) /

LEGO doesn’t have a kit for the Nissan GT-R Nismo. So a fan went ahead and made one of his own. Are you seeing this, LEGO?

The LEGO Speed Champions sets are an affordable fare, if you are into cars and building them out of toy bricks. You’ll find some really cool cars in that range, including the McLaren 720S and that costs $14.99 a piece. Stretch your budget to $299.99 and you can bring home a bigger, more complicated and more mind-blowing Porsche 911 GT3 RS set. But type in “Nissan GT-R” into the search field on the LEGO site and you’ll get nowhere. A die-hard fan fixed that part, at least for himself, by making a cool one-off Nissan GT-R Nismo out of LEGO bricks.

We came across Firas Abu Jaber and his creation on Flickr recently. You may have to check out his account as he has got a decent collection of LEGO stuff on display there. What caught our attention was the white Nissan GT-R Nismo, complete with the red and black accents. Talk about attention-to-detail on a custom-made LEGO piece.

Speaking of detailing, there are more in the form of red brake calipers, doors, bonnet and boot which open to reveal the interior, engine and empty stowage area respectively. The spoiler is retractable too. Neat touch there.

Nismo Nissan GTR 2017
Nismo Nissan GTR 2017 /

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It’s a one-off fan-made build and we have to appreciate the work that this LEGO builder has put into letting the Nissan GT-R Nismo have a fairly accurate debut in LEGO brick mode. Hopefully, this will put the suits at LEGO to work and get them started on issuing a Technic set of the Godzilla. Even a Speed Champions set will do.

Wait, is that LEGO Nissan GT-R Nismo sporting Dubai license plates? Yes, it is.

Oh, and here is something for your viewing pleasure or displeasure, depending on which side of the destruction imagery fanbase you are on. In the video below, you can watch an painstakingly-assembled LEGO Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS being crash tested by the folks at ADAC (German Automobile Club), in proper NCAP style.

Yep, all of that in the wholesome goodness of slow-motion and with a 3D-printed dummy inside. After all, who doesn’t like watching things getting destroyed in slow-motion and shot from a dozen different angles?

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Somebody must’ve had a hard time in picking up all of those 2704 individual pieces after the test was done.