Rolls Royce Phantom Gets 900 Hp Toyota Supra 2JZ Engine In Japan!


Someone in Japan shoehorned a 900 hp 2JZ-GTE engine from a Toyota Supra into the engine bay of his Rolls Royce Phantom. Now keep reading that a dozen times!

What will you do when the 6.75-liter V12 engine which is supposed to serve your Rolls Royce Phantom gives up one day? Well, you can pick up the phone and reach out to the carmaker to get your land-based yacht another powertrain. No luck there? Then you can try to be like this chap from Japan. Be a bit more creative and attempt something which lives up to that famous phrase about necessity being the mother of invention.

This particular 2008 Rolls Royce Phantom, which you’ll see and hear in the YouTube video below (thank you, TheSpeedHunters!) has a Toyota Supra 2JZ-GTE engine under its mile-long hood. While it definitely raises a dozen questions and a thousand eyebrows, this Japanese gem of a powertrain appears to be at home in the vast engine compartment of the British luxury car.

But how can a 3.0-liter inline-6 2JZ-GTE unit undertake the daily chores of a mighty 6.75-liter V12? Thought you might ask. The original Rolls-Royce engine made 454 hp of power and 531 lb-ft of torque until it voluntarily retired from duty at 118,000 miles. The Supra engine which has been strapped on to this Phantom doesn’t make much firepower in its standard form.

The Supra-powered Rolls Royce Phantom has also done away with its air suspension and stands on Ohlins units now.

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So, it was given the super solider treatment. Twin-charging (HKS supercharger and GReddy turbocharger), HKS forged pistons, an HPI Evolve radiator, a Lexus RC F expansion tank, a custom fuel system, a heavily-modified gearbox which has the strength to direct the 900 hp of power that was coming its way, the works. The builder – J & K Power – did a neat job of putting everything back together in a remarkable form, despite the sheer scale and borderline insane nature of this path-breaking heart transplant.

The deep burble made by this Rolls Royce Phantom is unmistakably that of a JDM tuner car. But it’s still a Rolls Royce in everything else. The rear seats will still give you a massage.

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The owner had to opt for this surgery as Rolls Royce Japan couldn’t offer him a replacement engine any time soon. The best that they could do was to ask him to wait for two years. That was too long a time period to leave the Phantom lying idle on the garage floor. We are kind of happy that things turned out that way. Or else this Frankenstein’s monster would never have been born.

Source: SpeedHunters