Bugatti Chiron 249 Mph Run Was Filmed By This Camera Car!

(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)
(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images) /

That question which had been bugging you since the video of the Bugatti Chiron doing the 0-249-0 mph world record run surfaced online, has an answer now.

Weren’t you among the thousands of car fans who were stunned by the brutal acceleration of the Bugatti Chiron, when it clinched the world record of 42 seconds for the 0-249-0 mph run? And some of you must have thought, “Wait a second, what the hell was the camera mounted on?” To keep up with the Chiron which was going flat out on that straight stretch of road, the standard-issue Porsche Cayenne-mounted Russian Arm used by Hollywood film makers wouldn’t have been a suitable choice.

So what did they pick? A Nissan GT-R? It’s robust, fast and can hold up to a certain extent against the mighty Chiron. But no, Bugatti needed something faster and quicker than the Godzilla. How about the Veyron then? That’s a fast car and has a bunch of world record trophies and plaques to flaunt. Nope. No can do. Bugatti needed a faster camera car. Much faster. Much quicker. They needed a machine which can do the 0-249 mph in 32.6 seconds.

So they picked another Bugatti Chiron for the job. What else can keep up with the hypercar than a copy of itself? And it was Motor 1 which dug up the news first. Bugatti is still quiet about this latest revelation which has now spawned a trail of posts online related to the topic.

Bugatti Chiron
(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images) /

Now comes the next question. Who was driving the Bugatti Chiron camera car? That guy almost stole Montoya’s thunder.

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In all likelihood, Bugatti had to develop an all-new camera mount system of their own to ensure that the filming gear doesn’t fall off the most-expensive camera car in the world. The usual set of clamps and suction cups wouldn’t have got the job done this time as a hypercar thundering down road at speeds above 200 mph will blow off the expensive gear once things get too blurry for the driver’s eyes to process.

The specially-built rig kept the camera in place on the white Bugatti Chiron camera car, as it tracked the world record 0-249-0 mph run made by one of its own kind. And thanks to the video below, the question which was troubling us for all these days has finally been answered.

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It’s highly unlikely that the Bugatti Chiron will ever be considered by Hollywood as a camera car though. Priced at almost $3 million a piece and with a limited production number of 500 units, directors would rather choose a green screen over practical effects while shooting the high-speed chase for the next mega-budget action movie.

Source: Motor1