LaFerrari Aperta: The Last Car Sold For $10 Million At Ferrari Auction

(Photo by Harold Cunningham/Getty Images)
(Photo by Harold Cunningham/Getty Images) /

The last Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta has sold at a record price of $10 million at the RM Sotheby’s Ferrari-exclusive Leggenda E Passione auction.

Ferrari celebrated its 70 glorious years of being in the business of making supercars by hosting a fabulous auction at the legendary Pista di Fiorano. The Leggenda E Passione auction saw a stunning collection of great cars and Ferrari memorabilia going under the hammer, as bidders fought fiercely to take home what they fancied. The 210th LaFerrari Aperta – the last one of its kind – created specifically for the occasion occupied Lot 154 which witnessed the most competition.

RM Sotheby’s successfully rolled the final LaFerrari Aperta off the block with a winning bid of $10 million – $9.96 million to be exact. Not literally though, as the carmaker is yet to build the actual car. The auction house used a digital representation for the interested parties to check out. As if that was really necessary to convince millionaires to part with their cash for an Aperta.

Is there anything special about the last Aperta ever built? Anything other than the “final Aperta” status to justify the astronomical winning bid? The livery is unique with a metallic Rosso Fuoco body contrasted by a metallic Bianco Italia double racing stripe on the hood and rear deck. Interior is finished in black Alcantara and the monotony is broken by red stitching and leather accents. Glossy black carbon-fiber trim is in place too for those who have a thing for that material.

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While these may seem to be too less for a supercar to yield such a high price, do note that car collectors around the globe are competing with each other to get one of these limited-production roadsters. The Aperta is one of those rare cases when throwing cash at the carmaker isn’t enough to get the car. You have to be chosen by Ferrari. That rule didn’t apply for the auction and that prompted everyone with millions to spare to dive in.

This is a new auction record for a modern Ferrari. The winning bid of $10 million broke the previous record held by the last hardtop Ferrari LaFerrari. That piece had raked in $7 million at a charity auction, with the proceeds directed to the benefit of earthquake victims.

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The funds raised from the auction of the 210th Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta will be donated to the Save the Children organization’s education program.

Source: RM Sotheby’s