MINI Beats Ferrari And Tesla With $5 Billion Brand Value

Courtesy: BMW PressClub Global
Courtesy: BMW PressClub Global /

MINI is getting bigger and bigger. Not just the size of the cars they make, but the brand value itself has increased to reach $5 billion now.

Decades ago, MINI used to make tiny little cars which were cool and best-suited to be city-runabouts. Fast forward to today and the cars have gotten bigger to the dismay of many fans. But the sales? Oh, they just got better. Diversifying their range to explore even the realm of SUVs and crossovers, the MINI isn’t mini anymore. And going by the latest Interbrand Best Global Brands 2017 report, the brand value of the carmaker is at a remarkable $5 billion.

The aforementioned number places MINI at rank number 87 on the chart, beating Ferrari and Tesla in the process. Toyota is the top rank holder from the automotive segment, sitting comfortably on the 7th seat from Apple Inc.

Feel free to love or hate MINI for straying way off the boundaries that were previously set. They ventured boldly into unfamiliar and totally new territories. Expanded their range to include a wide range of body styles. Experimented with technology and styling. But what they always stuck loyally to, was the idea to make cars which are cool to drive and cooler to be seen in.

MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept
MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept /

Courtesy: BMW PressClub Global

MINI Electric Concept
MINI Electric Concept /

Courtesy: BMW PressClub Global

MINI LIVING - Breathe /

Courtesy: BMW PressClub Global

Sebastian Mackensen, Senior Vice President MINI commented,

"We have a genuine interest in people’s lives, interests and passions. We want to do more than just send messages out into the world. We also want to listen and enter into an authentic dialogue with young, urban creatives who strive to live purposeful, fulfilling lives."

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Realigning the brand following the aforementioned principle was perhaps the biggest success for MINI ever.

The sales have surged over the past few years since they switched lanes to make the brand as identifiable and appealing as they could. They evolved to introduce EV technology into their cars, with the MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 plug-in hybrid launched this year driving the initiative. To emphasize that the e-mobility is a path that the carmaker is energetically pursuing, the MINI Electric Concept was presented at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show.

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In addition to cars and of course the merchandising, the manufacturer is expanding the application of MINI DNA to other domains. The latest example is the collaboration with New York-based architecture firm SO–IL to put up the “MINI LIVING – Breathe” installation – which is a visionary and creative solution to the many challenges faced in creating efficient urban living spaces.

Source: BMW PressClub Global