Lamborghini Is Not Too Keen About Making Self-Driving Cars

Courtesy: Lamborghini Media Center
Courtesy: Lamborghini Media Center /

Wise move. They better not go after autonomous driving technology since it’ll beat the very purpose and reason behind buying a Lamborghini supercar.

There are two future tech that every car manufacturer is after these days – electrification and autonomous driving.  Electric and hybrid technology have witnessed a significant growth over the past couple of years that we have supercars and hypercars in the market which use that tech for delivering superior performance. However, self-driving or autonomous driving isn’t something which I’d prefer to see in all cars. Especially if that car has a Lamborghini logo at the front.

Thankfully, Lamborghini feels the same too. They were never that eager when it comes to adopting the changes that their competition would have lapped up already. Some may call it an unwise move.

But do note that Lambo does not follow archaic norms and technology. It’s just that they tend to keep certain things old-school in order to preserve the flavor that its clients are used to. Which is why the dual-clutch transmission took its sweet time to enter the Lambo premises and also why we haven’t come across a hybrid yet.

Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo EVO
Courtesy: Lamborghini Media Center /

Anyway, in an interview with Digital Trends, Lamborghini research and development boss Maurizio Reggiani made it clear that the company isn’t going to chase autonomous driving technology the way its competitors are doing right now.

"If you buy a Lamborghini, you buy it to have fun and enjoy the driving. If we’re talking real autonomous driving, I think we will be the last brand to offer it."

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Having said that, he also added the following which suggests that Lamborghini may loosen the leash a bit for the Urus.

"We will have adaptive cruise control, we will have a camera, we will have lane-keeping systems. Every feature available in a premium car will be available in the Urus, but nothing that comes close to real autonomous driving."

Even then, a fully-autonomous mode is not in the cards. We may get a hybrid though and in all likelihood, the brand will try out some of the semi-self-driving systems and hybrid tech on the Urus while keeping its lineup of sports cars and supercars away from the influence.

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It’s a joy to see Automobili Lamborghini swimming against the current while everyone around is flowing with it. What’s the point in buying a high-performance supercar if all that you want to do is to switch on the autonomous driving system so that you can sit back and watch a movie or read a book? If that’s what you want, buy a Tesla.

Source: Digital Trends