Next Aston Martin Zagato Car To Be Based On DB11 Platform

Courtesy: Aston Martin Media
Courtesy: Aston Martin Media /

Aston Martin and Zagato are working on a secret project based on the DB11 platform and we are ready to place our bets on how beautiful it’s going to be.

Whenever Aston Martin and Zagato went under the sheets, they ended up making great-looking cars. The British carmaker and the Italian coachbuilder started off with the DB4 GT Zagato from 1960. Following that one up with V8 Vantage Zagato, DB7 Zagato, V12 Zagato, three Centennial editions and my personal favorite – the Vanquish Zagato lineup with the coupe, cabrio, speedster and the shooting-brake – the 60-year long relationship is quite a strong and rewarding one for both parties and for those with deep pockets.

Following up the Vanquish Zagato is not an easy job. But looks like the dream team is already working on a new creation. Speaking to Car and Driver, Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer had this to say on their ongoing projects with Zagato,

"Well, I’ve got one other that we’re knocking around at the moment. But it may be a couple of years before we do something more. Whatever it is, it won’t be on the Vanquish platform."

And when asked if the plan is to use the DB11 platform instead of the Vanquish’s VH platform as the base for the new limited-edition car, the answer from Palmer was a “yes”.

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The CEO was extremely careful in his selection of words and phrasing of sentences, especially in adding the word “platform” when he spoke of the DB11. Perhaps the new creation will not be based entirely on the current DB11. The Aston Martin DB11 platform is being touted to form the foundation for the next-gen Vantage and Vanquish. But it will be evolving while the development for those two future cars happen.

By stating DB11 platform as the basis for the next collaborative effort between Aston Martin and Zagato, Andy Palmer has left the doors open for a variety of possibilities. If you ask me, the DB11 in its current form has the scope to inspire the next AM-Zagato piece of art and engineering. I can already see the Zagato signature “double bubble” design element looking fabulous atop that roof.

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Extremely low production numbers and stratospherically-high prices have always been the traits of with the luxury sports cars from the partnership. And since they have a history of selling out even if the buyers haven’t seen the actual cars in the flesh, we are sure that the new car will be sold out a few hours after the first official announcement on it is made.

Source: Car and Driver