Awesomeness Gets A New Dimension with the 300 HP VW Polo R

Courtesy: Massimo Bettiol/Getty Images
Courtesy: Massimo Bettiol/Getty Images /

When you talk about making a monster out of a car, this is how it should be done! Behold, the 300 HP Volkswagen Polo R.

The Volkswagen Polo has always been way too vainglorious while flaunting its “I’ll be brother to the mighty Golf” tag . However one cannot shut his/her eyes completely toward the distinct dichotomy between the two, especially when it comes to performance. Even though the MKVI Polo GTI has the same 2.0-liter ‘EA888’ mill under its hood, the same one from the Golf R, the motor had undergone heavy de-tuning for the Golf’s younger sibling.

But today, ladies and gentlemen, the age of less exciting Polos seems to be nearing an abrupt, yet pleasant end, with the auto brand building prototypes of an angry young B-segment hot hatch, dubbed the Polo R for evaluation purposes!

VW small car lines boss Ralf Kölling feels confident about the performance upgrade of the car. He told Autocar, “There is enough room for all the extra cooling in the Polo, for sure.”

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Besides having the Golf’s engine in all its glory (and by that, I mean a state of tune in which the 2.0-liter unit churns out a mighty 300 horses !), the Polo R is likely to adopt the Golf’s four-wheel drive system too.

This seems to be a piece of cake for the VW engineers, as both the cars share the carmaker’s renowned MQB platform. However, the added weight and hike in price might actually push the Polo R out of its segment and may be even into the Golf’s territory ! Though nothing has yet been confirmed, we seriously hope that this car heads to the production line soon.

The R range of cars is undergoing extensive expansion processes too. The German automaker is currently popping out the performance oriented R versions of its already-popular models like the T-ROC and the Tiguan.

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Take a look at all the angles of the new 300 HP Polo R in the clip below.

Well, sweet things don’t end there. This meaty 300 hp mill is thought to be so sought after by the enthusiasts that the subbrands under VW  like Seat and Skoda are also planning to stuff up pieces of their range with the same! Really exciting days ahead people, really exciting days.

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