Top 10 States With The Best Gas Prices For Your Holiday Getaway

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Courtesy: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images /

One of the most annoying aspects of being a driver is having to constantly refill your car’s tank with gas prices that are seemingly inconsistent.

The holiday season is the time of year when everyone tries to be frugal in other aspects of their life, so that they can afford gifts for loved ones. The last thing you want to be worrying about is expensive fuel costs that can take away from your holiday plans – especially if you are going to be taking a trip. is a helpful tool that lists the top states with the most affordable gas prices, so that you can plan accordingly.

According to, those living in the southern states of the U.S. feel a lot less anguish at the gas station than drivers up north. GasBuddy’s listing supports this, as the top states are all conveniently located below the Mason-Dixon line.

An oil refinery in Texas City, Texas. [Courtesy: Mark Wilson/Getty Images]
An oil refinery in Texas City, Texas. [Courtesy: Mark Wilson/Getty Images] /

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It is important to realize that states like Texas have lower gas prices due to those regions having a greater concentration of oil refineries. This results in lower transport costs which translates to the prices southerners see at the pump.

GasBuddy measures the average price of regular gas as it goes up and down. Some vehicles do require and perform better on higher octane fuel, which is of course more pricey. The cost of gas is one of the many reasons the green effort has grown in recent years, with many opting to switch or invest in hybrid and electric cars.

Top 10 States with the Best Gas Prices

[Note: It is important to check back on their website, as prices are constantly subject to change.]

1) Oklahoma


2) Mississippi


3) South Carolina


4) Alabama


5) Texas


6) Arkansas


7) Louisiana


8) Missouri


9) Tennessee


10) Kansas


Courtesy: Miguel Villagran/Getty Images
Courtesy: Miguel Villagran/Getty Images /

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How do you feel about the gas prices in your area? Comment below and let us know how much you spend on average per week or month.