Dodge Challenger Hellcat Reaches 174MPH With Christmas Tree

Courtesy: Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Courtesy: Joe Raedle/Getty Images /

Hennessey Performance got its hands on a Hellcat Widebody from Dodge to experiment with how fast a Christmas tree can travel.

The holidays are here and Christmas is pretty much right around the corner. This means that shoppers have been traveling about trying to find the perfect tree for their family. There are, of course, those last minutes shoppers who have yet to decorate a tree this weekend before Monday arrives. Those people may want to invest in a Dodge Challenger Hellcat because, as Hennessey just discovered, it can reach an outstanding 174 mph with a Christmas tree strapped to its roof rack.

If you’ve ever purchased a tree for the holidays, you know that it’s probably a good idea to have a slow drive home. Hennessey, on the other hand, does not have the word “slow” in its vocabulary.

AutoBlog reports that the guys over at Hennessey Performance received a bone-stock Hellcat Widebody from Dodge, as well as a suction cup mount roof rack from SeaSucker and an actual Christmas tree from Lowe’s hardware store. The team then headed to the Continental Tire test track in Texas state to experiment with how fast it could actually travel while hauling the tree.

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According to CNET, the result of the test was a 174-mph run, which is only 3 mph less than the Widebody achieved without the Christmas tree. If you think about it, it is also quite impressive that the tree did not lose all of its prickly needles. After all, it approached speeds that most people wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) reach in their lifetime.

In the video below, John Hennessey first introduces his audience to a beautiful, holiday red Hellcat Widebody that will take on the mission.

The discovery and video are a relief to the last-minute shoppers who now know that their Christmas tree wouldn’t arrive naked after a top-speed drive home.

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Watch the video to witness the world’s fastest Christmas tree for yourself.

Maybe Santa should toss his sleigh and get a red hot Hellcat. He may have more time to himself after delivering gifts at this speed.

Disclaimer: You should probably not try this at home. Ha-Ha. Happy Holidays, everybody!