Is The Grand Tour’s Jeremy Clarkson Confused About Christmas?

Courtesy: Brendon Thorne/Getty Images
Courtesy: Brendon Thorne/Getty Images /

Would it really be another day on Earth if Jeremy Clarkson didn’t offend individuals, religions or even whole countries with his comments?

The Grand Tour premiered earlier this month, reuniting the infamous trio of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. If you have not been watching, there is still some time to catch up. Episode 3, which just aired on December 22nd, is entitled “Bah-Humbug-Atti” and features a segment where the three of them add their own touch to a Christmas tree.

Hammond and May decided to go with automotive themes, as is expected and appropriate with the segment. Clarkson, on the other hand, used an automotive product to create a symbol that was intended for a completely different holiday. Allow us to explain.

For Richard Hammond’s display, he used the taillights from several different cars. James May opted to use indicators to make a warm and orange display of flashing lights. Before Jeremy Clarkson lit his ornament, Hammond and May seemed nervous and for good reason. Clarkson apparently positioned two light bars to form a cross, which he was convinced was an appropriate symbol for Christmas.

Stunned at the image, Hammond and May hung their heads in embarrassment, for him perhaps.

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For one thing, they complained of it being extremely bright and blinding to the audience. Secondly, they explained that the cross is for Easter, which commemorates the resurrection of Christ. Christmas, they explained, celebrates the birth of Christ and a star should be displayed for baby Jesus.

Clarkson remained confused with puzzlement written across his face. He then went on to further confuse the holiday with Jewish people and may have offended some people in doing so. Hammond and May, although amused it seemed, had a tricky time educating Clarkson on his error.  You have to see the clip for yourself to believe it.

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It may be hard to watch, but check out the clip from The Grand Tour’s episode 3 below. Be prepared to laugh, or maybe not.

Any thoughts on this clip? We think it’s pretty cringe-worthy, without a doubt.