This Man From Michigan Skied With An Amish Horse and Buggy

Courtesy: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images
Courtesy: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images /

A man from Michigan was spotted skiing behind a horse and buggy by a fellow passerby on her way home from Christmas dinner.

We all have our own individual traditions when it comes to the holidays. For example, some of us open presents, have a family dinner, and sleep in to enjoy the time off. However, for others, these typical Christmas practices can get boring and so they venture out to create their own memories. Sometimes Christmas Day is completely snowed out and everything is closed, so some people have no choice but to stay in spirit and create some fun.

One such man in Michigan did just that and made the most of the snowy weather his state was accustomed to having, especially during the holidays. To shake things up, he decided to have an Amish horse-and-buggy pull him as he skied down the white covered roads.

The video was recorded by Tara Hayward on her way home from a Christmas dinner party on the 25th.

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Hayward told WOOD TV  that she immediately asked her husband to slow down so that she could make out what exactly was happening. Luckily for us, she had filmed the unique sighting and shared it with the world that evening on Facebook.

She hash tagged the video with #PureMichigan and it immediately went viral – and we can see why! The clip will continue to be spread around the Internet like wildfire; you can be sure of it. As of this post, the video currently has 685K views and 16.5K shares.

Hayward told Wood TV that,

"“To me, it’s crazy that people find it so unusual, because where I’m from, there is a big Amish community and you see it more often than not,.“If you’ve attended Ferris State University at all, you’ve seen many Amish buggies… skiing isn’t super common, but I’ve seen it a couple of times.”"

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Check out the sighting recorded by Hayward below.

Have you ever seen such a sight?! Being from New York, the closest I’ve seen is just those horse carriages around the city. If you ask me, this is a pretty legit way to spend a snowy Christmas.