Uber Driver Caught With Stolen $250,000 Ferrari California

Courtesy: Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Ferrari North America
Courtesy: Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Ferrari North America /

A 26-year-old Florida Uber driver was arrested Thursday after he was caught driving a stolen $250,000 black Ferrari California.

Hilburn Hunkins was driving the black Ferrari California on Interstate 75 near Gainesville, Florida when he caught the attention of authorities who were nearby. ABC News reports that he was observed “driving suspiciously” and exchanging communications with a driver in a red Corvette. Officer David Rodriguez of the Gainesville County Drug Task Force pulled Hunkins over after scanning his license plate and discovering that the vehicle was reported stolen.

According to the police report, Hunkins was driving unusually slow alongside a Chevrolet Corvette. Upon checking his tags, Officer Rodriguez found that the Ferrari had been stolen from West Palm Beach, Florida.

According to The Palm Beach Post,

"“The officer suspected the vehicles may have been stolen, but the Corvette had a temporary tag that could not be read, according to the arrest report.“”The report did not say if Hunkins was on his way to pick up an Uber passenger at the time of his arrest.”"

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Hunkins reportedly told Rodriguez that the Italian supercar was his friend’s, but failed to provide enough information to substantiate that claim.  A report on WFTV CVhannel 9 also said that the suspect tried erasing his cellphone at the time of the arrest before officers could look at it. He was charged with felony grand theft auto.

Gainesville police had a hard time containing their excitement after the Ferrari run-in and posted about it on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. They laid out some important tips for anyone who was possibly thinking about stealing a car. The post had some humor to it, as you will see with tip #4.

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Could you imagine taking an Uber ride in a Ferrari California? That would be quite the interesting escort to a party.