Is a Four Door Ford Mustang Coming?

Ford’s pony car may gain two more doors and a longer wheelbase if the rumors are true. Can you imagine a four-door Ford Mustang?

People are buying fewer two-door cars. Four-door coupes are hot right now. That’s the main reason the new Kia Stinger has four doors. That’s the reason BMW labeled its sleek four-door 4-Series a Gran Coupe. Other automakers are following suit. The next to possibly follow suit? Ford Mustang.

According to reports on the popular Mustang6G forum, Ford shared plans of a four-door Mustang at a dealer event. That recent rumor spread through the auto press like wildfire. If you think about it, though, it’s not all that surprising.

Why Ford Will Build a Four-Door Mustang at Some Point


I would be surprised if the huge automaker didn’t build a four-door Ford Mustang at some point. My first reaction to the idea is to yell, “No!” like Michael Scott from The Office, but I can imagine a scenario in which I’d buy one.

For instance, if I had a couple of kids and still wanted a performance Ford vehicle that wasn’t the Fusion Sport (which will go away once the Fusion does) or the Edge ST. Ford is just trying to cast as wide of a net as it can with its iconic pony car, and it’s probably a good idea. Dodge did the four-door thing when it brought back the Charger name, and nobody will say that was a bad idea in terms of sales.

Also, as Car and Driver points out, the company could take the Ford Mustang upmarket if it made a four-door version. It would do battle with cars like the Audi A7 and the Porsche Panamera.

Two or Four Doors

It’s not like the two-door lovers will be without a car. Ford would likely produce both a two-door and a four-door version to appease its loyal fanbase.

You’d better bet the V8 will still be offered, too. In fact, the information leaked by Mustang6G said it would be a turbo V8.

The four-banger Stanger was a new era for the Mustang but it doesn’t spell the end for the eight-pot motor. A turbo V8 would be an awesome thing to behold.

I see this as more of an inevitability rather than a rumor. Yes, Ford has said nothing publicly about this being the next move, but it makes too much sense to not go for it. Ford could scrap its Fusion, make all the SUVs and Trucks it wants, let the Mustang be its sole car offering, and sell both two and four-door variants.

And with the V8 or turbo-four engine, you could get your Mustang efficient or stupid fast. It’s a win all around for the company.

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It’ll be interesting to see how this develops. I wouldn’t be surprised to see something come out in the next year or so about a long wheelbase four-door Mustang design from Ford.