Is the BMW 330d xDrive M Sport Touring the best all-rounder in the game

AUTOCAR maintains they may have found the best all-rounder in the Touring division with the BMW 330d xDrive M Sport Touring. Would you agree with what’s being said about the German’s 3-door?

Before diesel was seen as a loud annoying problem. The ruckus of a diesel motor was just too much to deal with, forcing customers to stay in the gasoline lane. Fortunately and excitingly enough, they got rid of this one problem and made it a joy and pleasure to ride the distance with a diesel cabbie.

One of the more exciting family cars is the BMW xDrive M Sport Touring. A family car with swag. But when does a BM never have swag though? AUTOCAR has given many titles to the 330d but boring and not up to standard are not one of them.

They believe the family estate vehicle is one of the best, if not the best in its class. They gave it a five-star rating!

Whichever model you buy, the 3 Series Touring brings a lot to the table. We awarded the saloon five road test stars largely for its exceptional blend of handling, performance and frugality, and the estate asks only that you exchange a small portion of dynamism for a class-leading 1510-litre load bay with the rear seats folded flat (if not perfectly so).

Brave and bold but right!

A brave stamp to engrave on a car that promises a lot and barely disappoints on delivery. The BMW 330d xDrive M Sport Touring keeps impressing with every drive and test run. It’s not only about the drive that’s been satisfying. It has been the space plus comfort, plus a number of other reasons why this is the best all-rounder out there.

Ultimately, the 3 Series saloon is better to drive than the Touring. It’s more precise and agile, in a way that you notice not after a few miles but a single corner. The Touring has its own character, though: different, but no less likeable. The effortless performance of this six-cylinder 330d xDrive isn’t strictly necessary, but if you need the additional space over a typical saloon, some form of 3 Series estate should be near the top of your shortlist. (via AUTOCAR)

Family, fast driving and safety in abundance, the BMW 330d is something to invest in for any driver. When looking to have the most of all driving worlds at the disposal of your hands, this is the one you have to look at.