McLaren Speedster: There Really Is Such A Thing In The Automotive World

Courtesy: Chris Jackson/Getty Images
Courtesy: Chris Jackson/Getty Images /

There were many rumours floating around McLaren and about them releasing something called the McLaren Speedster. Thankfully, it has been confirmed it’s more than just a rumour.

Back in June, was when the first reports surfaced of McLaren and their new Speedster concept. The talks went on and the only thing many could do was play the predicting game. Move on a month and what was once a rumour has now turned into reality.

McLaren offered the public a small glimpse of what exactly the speedster looks like. And it looks absolutely phenomenal! Something extremely new to look forward to and a ride that displays out of the box thinking by the British producers.

"The rumors are true about the McLaren Speedster, and here is the first official teaser for the upcoming, roofless model. In the gallery below, the darker image is the original, but there’s a brightened version that provides a much better look at the vehicle’s design details."

The British firm steps out of their shell with the Speedster

Not much has been added to the picture that has been distributed to the world besides speculation and anxiety. Actually, that’s what we thought. Not too long ago, Earl Karanja, founder of gave us a little preview video of the fantastic beast.

The first and most noticeable difference (and a big difference) is the smaller than life windscreen. Prepare to eat bugs. Another feature of the speedster is that it’s fabricated without a roof-top.

Other than the small racing window and no roof, the two-seater will come with butterfly doors. And quite frankly, it shouldn’t be fitted with any other style doors. The small windscreen along with the butterfly doors has a unique and spectacular look to it.

Why do this?

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The McLaren Speedster was specifically thought up for open-roof, speed driving. The exclusion of the roof plus the small windshield is for the sole purpose of weight reduction. The main idea behind the Speedster is to enjoy the experience of open-top driving. Well, at ridiculous speeds that is.

"While not a purely track-focused vehicle, the speedster would still likely be plenty of fun to drive. Expect it to use the brand’s 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 without any hybrid assistance and place the engine in a vehicle that might weigh even less than the Senna. (via:"

News on McLaren Speedster release

Thankfully, it’s not based purely on track-racing, but it has that yummy inside that sounds so deliciously love when it starts up and shows a little love with a touch of gas. The Speedster will be fitted with the Senna 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 with no hybrid assistance.

We can’t deny it has that McLaren Speedtail vibe and Senna exclusiveness, but more of a sexy lady with minimal covering. There will only be 399 units made while being sold at $1,8 million (at the time of writing this). Production should start around year-end 2019 and the beginning of 2020 to meet delivery date at the end of the year 2020.

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Extremely impressed by the style and design of this newbie. Are you feeling the new McLaren Speedster?