Audi: Happiness For The 2020 RS6 Avant – US Spoilt With The Coming

The 2020 Audi RS6 Avant has us all smiling, especially those in the US, who now can think about a purchase of the RS6 because it’s coming, yes.

If you didn’t know this is a big thing that Audi’s RS6 Avant is heading to the USA. It has been one of the few sorted after station wagon since its existence. As put by Jared Rosenholtz, the brand has been driving past the US since the RS2 hit the streets.

And to be quite honest, the Audi RS2 was quite the speed demon all family men wanted. It was hard not to want it and it was hard not to burn holes in it with your eyes, as you continued to gaze on it for too long at a single time.

Most of the time, you could have come across as mad for staring too long. But it was soon released that this is a usual occurrence for the Avant and all that followed the RS2 never displeased a soul on earth.

The original RS2 Avant was never offered in America, nor were any generations of the RS4 or RS6. We occasionally received Sportback models like the RS5 and RS7 but a high-performance wagon from Audi has strictly been forbidden fruit in the US. But earlier this year, we reported that Audi was toying with the idea to bring its fastest wagon model, the RS6 Avant, to the US market.

After several months of speculation, the rumors turned out to be true and the fourth generation RS6 Avant will be offered in the US for the first time ever. Even though Americans greatly favor SUVs, wagon sales have been on the rise lately and now might be the perfect time for Audi to make the wagon cool again. (via:

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What heading to the US will mean for Audi and the RS6 Avant

This wagon will sell like hotcakes. Take speed, a family car, as well, a friend to your fury family, what more could you want out of a car? A family car that is. This is Americans are about and that’s why it’s been a big wish for them to have it cross the shores.

It has already been roaming the American streets. So all can be happy their wish came true.