Golf ID 3: The Last Look From Volkswagen Before Frankfurt Motor Show

Volkswagen is making sure they don’t disappoint when the time comes to unveil the future of the ID. The ID 3’s last teaser before the big day.

More hype and more teasers. If you want to keep the people entertained keep going with sneak peeks. The Germans are going huge this motor show with more than just vehicles coming out. They showing off a new logo as well on the day and it will be accompanied by the new Golf ID 3.

The ID 3 has been in the pipeline for many months but it has always been the prototype and the heavily covered car running through all the tests. The owners have made statements as bold as Brave Heart, that they want to take over the world in the EV class, and believe they can do so.

More so because of the big hiccup, the manufacturer experienced several years back. The recovery has taken time and trust has been building up gradually for the well-established brand. If they can pull this off, they will be well on their way to achieving their EV takeoff.

The Volkswagen ID Buggy

The Volkswagen ID Buggy has already been turning heads and giving the impression they could have a real gem on their hands. What they decide to do with it, will determine if it will hit the production line.

The plan is either to use it or sell the schematics to their rivals for the possibility of an even better product. In all fairness, both plans have quite intriguing appeals.

The New Teaser Of The Golf ID 3

The company is not resting on their word, this is their “ground-breaking design”. There were many worries prior to this tease, one of them being the lifeline of the battery. However, they have now put any worry to bed.

The automaker is especially proud of the fact that “any concerns about battery range are a thing of the past” as the ID.3 is available with three different battery packages.

There’s an entry-level 45-kWh battery option, a slightly larger 58-kWh pack, and a flagship 77-kWh package, which provide a range of between 205 and 342 miles (330 and 550 kilometers), depending on the battery, measured by the WLTP cycle. A quick 30-minute charge provides juice for approximately (180 miles) 290 kilometers.

What’s even more important, Volkswagen guarantees the capacity of the batteries for eight years or 100,000 miles (160,000 km). (via:

Promising For VW To Say The Least

Frankfurt Motor Show, you lucky motor show you. There’s so much coming, if you turn left or right, you might miss something.  Other important news is that VW has said they will be dropping the price of the all-electric Golf ID 3.