Volkswagen Is Taking No Risks With Cleaner Diesel – 80% Fewer NOx Emissions

Without being mentioned all the time, Volkswagen’s worry about the dieselgate scandal takes priority over anything else. So much so, they’ve come up with new tech for Cleaner Diesel.

It is on everyone’s mind, as well as Volkswagen themselves. They know they cannot fail on a promise and must now work even harder to convince they are ready to sign off on bold statements made such as this one.

The German creator of Golf and many other moving parts has announced the arrival of a new and cleaner diesel, giving them 80% fewer NOx emissions. Wait, haven’t we heard this before somewhere? Yes, we have.

This hoax reminds of when you buy a second-hand car and they turn back the speedometer, giving the buyer the impression it has down low mileage on the road. Well, the joke was VW back then and they are not ready to suffer to the same criticism from the past.

Therefore, extremely brave by Volkswagen and hoping for them it works out in favour of their solid stance.

When Will This Cleaner Diesel Be Used?

Word has it, the new tech will be coming in October with the arrival of the Euro-spec Golf MK8. The two will debut together and start the trend for them.

It’s going to get a new generation of cleaner compression ignition engines, which could bring back the diesel to its former glory on the continent. The German company has just announced it has developed a smart SCR (selective catalytic reduction) technology, which significantly reduces nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the exhaust gas.

VW says the new generation 2.0-liter TDI Evo diesel emits up to 80 percent less NOx in real-world driving scenario compared to its predecessor with the same displacement. The motor is already available for the facelifted Euro-spec Passat and will probably become one of the core engines of the new Golf on the Old Continent in terms of sales.

How it works

Volkswagen’s new SCR technology is pretty simple. The automaker calls it “twin dosing” and, basically, it uses two injectors of AdBlue in the SCR system. There’s one injector very close to the engine, where the exhaust gas temperatures are 900 degrees F and above.

It is followed by another AdBlue injector right after the engine, which is part of a second SCR catalytic converter located in the underbody of the car. The exhaust temperatures there are significantly lower, which expands the window for after-treatment of exhaust gases. (via:

The New Chapter Is Here

After the Frankfurt Motor Show, we will be able to judge VW more closely. There will be more insight from the company themselves, which is needed but will never come out now with them wanting to keep all of us eager for the unveiling in September.

Must say, it has been a big, noticeable effort by the company to show remorse after their dieselgate scandal. No one wants to turn down this road and only if you cut corners you will. This time, it seems they’ve taken the long route.