Watch Ryan Williams Pull Off This Triple Front Flip With True Grit

Photo Credit: Nitro Circus
Photo Credit: Nitro Circus /

Nitro Circus has always had a reputation for pulling off the best stunts and this is just one of them.

When you work for a team that constantly pushes the edge and is never complacent with the status quo, good things are bound to happen. That’s exactly what pro-stunt BMW rider Ryan Williams more than once figured out when he pulled off a triple front flip bike trick earlier this week (Oct. 9, 2015.) Nitro Circus also dropped an epic video of the entire process that Ryan Williams went through the day he pulled off the stunt. It’s quite the story of true grit and human determination. Check out that video below.

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It looks like Nitro Circus got both Andrew Ahumada and Ryan Williams to attempt the massive feat of skill on the same day and had both of them take turns to see who could pull it off first. In total Ryan Williams went through six jumps before he stuck the landing. We have to admit watching him fall flat on his face with major impact forces to the rest of his body those few first times were indeed hard to watch but it looks like it was well worth it in the end.

And to add a bit of mad props and respect to the trick was the fact that he dedicated the final attempt to his good friend and all around Nitro Circus legend Erik Roner who recently passed away during a skydiving accident. We’ll be curious to see what other awesome tricks Ryan Williams will pull off in the future.

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