Tesla Model X Now Comes In 75D


Tesla made the base Model X even quicker with the 75D.

Range.  It’s the key word that helps convert traditional automotive buyers into electric car owners.  If you add range, they will come.  The latest Tesla Model X not only adds additional room compared to the Model S, but now the 75D is quicker and adds more range.

“How much more range?” you may ask.  An estimated 17 miles was added, leading to an estimated total range of 237 miles depending on driving habits, of course.  Sure, 17 miles doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is, essentially, a full gallon of gas of range added to a typical, modern, sport-utility-vehicle.

While range was added, the Tesla Model X 75D also reaches 60 miles per hour in under 6 seconds.  The benefit of electric power is, there is little wheelspin, and consistent acceleration times are easily achievable.

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We have talked about Tesla before, especially about how they are redefining the

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.  The

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just had a minor facelift, and brings supercar-like acceleration with space up to seven passengers (given that there are five adults and two children in the optional rear facing seats).  The

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brings sports-car like acceleration with room and towing capacity as an electric vehicle.

Photo Credit: Screenshot Via Tesla Motors Website
Photo Credit: Screenshot Via Tesla Motors Website /

Luxury SUV owners have an alternative choice as well.  The Tesla Model X has the ability to tow a small boat.  Fortunately with electric power, peak torque comes in exactly when you need it, right after 0rpm.

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While this may not seem like a huge upgrade, every bit of extra range and performance that Tesla can put into its’ vehicles just increases the demand for the vehicle.  Falcon doors, available seven passenger seating, sports car-like acceleration, and unique looks all help the Tesla Model X’s appeal.

I’m just waiting for the time when it’s capable enough to handle some light off-road duty.