Dodge Viper ACR Posts Slightly Better Nurburgring Lap Time

Courtesy: Dodge FCA US Media
Courtesy: Dodge FCA US Media /

The crowdfunded initiative run by Dodge Viper fans saw the car posting a slightly better lap time at the Nurburgring, compared to the previous attempt.

The Viper fanboys are back on the Nurburgring race track to grab their dream machine a lap time record. While the second attempt saw a slight improvement over the first one (which was a solid 7:03.45), it is still not quite in line with the team’s expectations. The Dodge Viper ACR should score a sub-7-minute lap time for these guys to go home after popping the bubbly.

The latest attempt saw pro-racers, Dominik and Mario Farnbacher at the wheel of the 2017 Dodge Viper ACR cars in GTS-R Commemorative Edition guises. Posting a new and quicker lap time of 7:03.23, there is definitely improvement over the previous outing But it’s still not within the coveted 7-minute mark.

While the previous attempt’s best lap figure was posted by Dominic Farnbacher, this time it was Mario’s turn to push the Dodge Viper to its best number so far on the Ring.

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The Road & Track coverage says that the extremely high temperatures at Nurburgring, Nordschleife could be the reason for the negligible improvement. The Dodge Viper cars being used for the record attempt are running on Kumho tires and the intense tarmac heat isn’t helping in any way to post a superior lap time. A total of 16 tires were consumed by both cars as the sun mercilessly cooked the rubber shod on the wheels.

Bernie Katz, co-founder of Viper Exchange (they provided the two cars) says,

We’re not done yet. The sweet spot in the weather is out there, and we have a small opportunity in the schedule next week to try and find it. The car has a six-minute fifty-something in there, and we’re still trying to find it.

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With Viper Exchange, Kumho, Prefix and GoFundMe supporters around to help this passionate team of Viper enthusiasts with their goal to make the Dodge Viper one of the fastest cars around the Green Hell, we may see these guys trying again when the heat isn’t too much to handle.

Source: Bridge to Gantry, Road & Track