Rumor Says Nissan Could Be Bringing Back The Silvia

Courtesy: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Courtesy: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images /

Reports say that Nissan could be bringing back a new-generation Silvia S16 to the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show this month.

Although the news has not yet been confirmed by Nissan itself, reports from the Japanese website Spyder 7 gives us hope that a next-gen Silvia S16 is in the works. Even more exciting is that this updated model could possibly be revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month. Us car enthusiasts are holding our breath in anticipation that Nissan is going to bring back this legendary sports car. If the rumors are true, the new Nissan Silvia would come 15 years after production was halted on the S15 version in 2002.

The Silvia sports car dates back all the way to 1965 when Datsun manufactured the vehicle for Japan. The S15 model was never actually sold in the United States, but the S13 and S14 variants were on the market in America and known as the 180, 200 and 240SX.

Think back to the images that surfaced of the concept Silvia that year.

If you recall, there was a number of images and rumors regarding what could be the 2017/2018 Silvia S16. It was said that the rear-wheel drive vehicle would feature a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine with over 200 horsepower and 217 pound-feet of torque. Many had thoughts of the two-door concept competing on the same level with the Toyota FRS/86 and the Subaru BRZ. The images of the coupe concept was a result of a collaboration between the Japanese automaker and Renault.

Peep the Tweet from TorqueGT below:

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There are a few ideas floating around of what we can expect from a next-generation Silvia.

Spyder7 has rendered what it believes could be the next-gen Silvia after its long hiatus. The design looks appealing and certainly doesn’t disappoint after not having the car at all. With the aging 370Z and GT-Rs, a rebirth of the beloved Silvia would definitely be welcomed in the car world.

Check out what Chris Myers Nissan wants you to know about the Silvia S16 Concept here.

Japanese site Spyder7 had this to say about Nissan’s possible plans for a new Silvia:

"Based on the concept of sporty and specialty, it features a design that combines a straight line and a curved surface. It is assumed that the Nissan V motion grille is upsized and carbon is used for the skirt portion. The headlight has a thin and sharp design that gained inspiration from the “S15 model” final model."

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You can check out some of the other renderings in the video below:

According to unofficial reports, the new Silvia S16 will likely be powered by the VC-T variable compression engine that Infiniti showed off last year. This same engine is set to be debuted in the new Infiniti QX50 crossover SUV. The engine change its compression in order to maximize power and/or efficiency.

Nissan is scheduled to be at the Tokyo Motor Show and have its press conference on October 25th. We will bring you the latest as we hear about it! Keep your fingers crossed.

Source: DrivingLine