Video: The New Mercedes X-Class Commercial “Follow”

Courtesy: Robert Cianflone/Getty Images
Courtesy: Robert Cianflone/Getty Images /

The Mercedes-Benz X-Class commercial is a little strange to say the least.

When the German automaker announced that their new X-Class pickup truck would not be sold on the U.S. market, many were disappointed. Not everyone is fond of the Nissan Navara-based styling, though. You would think that a pickup truck manufactured by a luxury brand would have a lot of potential. The United States has a pretty large truck market and the X-Class will definitely stands out in a lineup among them. I guess we won’t get the chance to see them together, at least for the foreseeable future.

Nonetheless, we do get to see the new X-Class in Mercedes’ commercial that they call “Follow.” The commercial shows the truck in a wide range of scenarios ranging  “from the roughest desert to the most stylish urban setting.” In the brand’s own words, this video shows how “everyone becomes a follower”.

The “followers” featured in the commercial use various means to try to catch up with the pickup truck.

For example, they use rally buggies, space ships and even jetpacks to keep up with the Benz. A giant monster appears out of nowhere, too, along with a hoard of aliens. Many of us will agree that this advertisement is very odd and unlike many car ads we have seen. The question stands. Does this commercial make you want the truck? (Leave a comment at the end of this post letting us know!) I am not sure if the aspects in this commercial will sway someone who isn’t initially interested in the X-Class.

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The commercial does in fact illustrate the versatility of the X-Class pickup, combining the traits of a prestigious Benz with modern offroad capabilities. The X-Class is said to appeal to different types of drivers, including sports car enthusiast to country folk (which you can see in the ad). The car is also shown taking on different types of terrain like a rough dirt roads and dark city streets in all weather conditions. The main message Mercedes is trying to relay through this commercial is that the X-Class inspires people and turns them into these “followers” of the car. The X-Class pickup is portrayed as a vehicle that conquers any world it comes across and does so stylishly. It’s quite enchanting to watch, and I can’t say I only watched it once.

The advertisement for the X-Class has been posted on social media, but will run from mid-December until February of next year.

The commercial is set to show in the trailers before the new Star Wars movie at select UK theaters, which is an epic marketing strategy. After all, the Star Wars movies are one of the biggest box office hits and will certainly hit a large demographic.

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Take a look at the commercial below and let us know what you think in the comments! One thing is for sure, it certainly doesn’t lack imagination.

You can expect to see the first group of X-Class pickup trucks on the roads of Europe before the end of this year; ordering has already begun.

Source: CarBuzz