StarChase GPS Darts Proven Effective In Stopping Police Chases

Courtesy: Dallas Police Department via Getty Images
Courtesy: Dallas Police Department via Getty Images /

StarChase’s gps darts are already proving effective in putting an end to those dangerous police chases that happen all too often.

A Virginia company by the name of StarChase provides pursuit management and GPS tracking technology to public safety and government agencies around the globe. Their patented force-multiplying technology gives law enforcement agents more power over suspects, and it mitigates the risk of apprehending them. StarChase is commonly used for high-risk traffic situations, including stolen vehicles, human trafficking, felony charges, DUIs and traffic infractions.

The GPS darts created by StarChase are already making their rounds in America and Canada. More than 30 states are using it, with Colorado reporting an 85 percent success rate over the last ten months. This system (seemingly like a GPS launcher) is mounted to the front of police vehicles. If a driver tries to make a getaway or chooses not to pull over for a traffic stop, the police officer can shoot a GPS tracking device at their car.

The dart contains an adhesive that will stick to the fleeing car and prevents the driver from being able to remove it. The officer can then follow the suspect in question without creating a dangerous and exhausting high-speed chase, which can endanger the lives of innocent bystanders.

The system developed by StarChase involved using a laser-guided cannon loaded with two darts. A dart can be launched using a control panel in the police car, or with a remote control fob (for when the officer is outside of their vehicle).

The StarChase mapping system is secure and provides officers with updates every 3-5 seconds, allowing for close surveillance of the movements of their suspects.

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The system also provides police with ground and air support, including roadblock and helicopters. The system is compliant with the Fourth Amendment, and costs $5,000 per police cruiser for the first year of installment and training. Each subsequent year will cost about $1,000.

If a suspect takes off, police can activate the technology and follow them to a safer location where they will apprehend them. Once the dart is in place, police can begin to back off the tail of the fleeing vehicle. With police no longer visibly on their tail, suspects begin driving less erratically and may be more likely to stop at a destination. This drastically lowers the risk for injury or all parties involved, and those that aren’t as well.

According to StarChase, their GPS-tracking darts have resulted in an 80 percent apprehension rate, zero injuries or deaths, and no property damage or liability.

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What are your thoughts on the new technology being implemented to stop those police chases you see on the news?