See Chris Harris In Flying Car In Top Gear Season 25 Trailer

Season 25 of Top Gear is coming soon, with even more epic adventures this time around. For example, the newest trailer has Chris Harris in a flying car.

Top Gear fans, we are almost there. The newest season will return to BBC this spring. For now, we still have about a third of the way left of season two of The Grand Tour. Rest assured that as soon as the Amazon show reaches its finale, Top Gear will begin. While The Grand Tour has quite a large and hardcore fanbase, Top Gear’s last season was pretty underrated. The series did seem to get back on track once Chris Evans left the show from the widespread criticism.

One could even argue that the last season to Top Gear was better than the first season of The Grand Tour, especially since it seemed to be a little inconsistent. It seems like Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James may have tuned in to the feedback and made some changes, though. The current season of The Grand Tour seems to be a huge improvement from the first and sets the bar pretty high for the next Top Gear season.

Last month, we saw a Top Gear teaser trailer showing officer Ken Block in an extreme off-road vehicle. Now, we have an entirely new and somewhat complete trailer of what is to come for season 25 of Top Gear. See below for the video.

In this trailer, get ready to see Chris Harris make a McLaren 720S go sideways, while Matt LeBlanc tests an Alfa Romeo Stelvio offroad. Other cars that will be featured in the coming season are the new BMW M5, the Honda Civic Type R, the Lexus LC and the Kia Stinger.

What were some of your favorite moments from last season’s Top Gear? Leave a link below and share it with the rest of us. We appreciate it!

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