Focus RS: Ford Adrenaline Academy Website is Now Live

2016 Focus RS (Photo YouTube)
2016 Focus RS (Photo YouTube) /

Ford Performance is offering a 1-day high-performance race school for new 2016/2017 Focus RS Owners.

This month, Ford Performance announced plans to offer new Focus RS owners a complimentary 1-day precision driving course at their Ford Performance Racing School in Grantsville, Utah.

Rightly named the RS Adrenaline Academy, initial owners of a new 2016/2017 Focus RS will get a chance to see just what this hot hatch is capable of with professional instructors at your side. Did I mention that Ford Performance will be providing the cars?

The RS Adrenaline Academy’s goal is to provide owners full immersion into the performance and handling characteristics of the RS. The Utah-based race school will offer the RS, along with full safety equipment for a full day of instruction. Also, Ford will also be offering an optional second day of instruction with the Ford Mustang GT at a special, reduced rate.

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RS owners will have to pay for travel and hotel expenses to attend the course, but like many of driving schools across the country, discounted rates should be available.

According to Dan McKeever, president of the Ford Performance Racing School, the Focus RS delivers an excellent driving experience.

"The Focus RS provides a premium driving experience, and our school is the perfect venue to demonstrate just what it can do, said Dan McKeever, president of the Ford Performance Racing School. Our professional instructors can help anyone take their driving expertise to the next level, whether a beginner or an experienced driver."

Although dates have not yet been announced, the official RS Adrenaline Academy website launched this week. As a new Focus RS owner, I spent some time checking out the website and what it has to offer.

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It’s filled with cool information on the Utah-based driving school, including track specs, downloads, (you can download yourself a copy of the Ford Performance test track to start memorizing the turns!) and information about the RS that to be honest, actually got me excited to sign up.

I have gone to some different driving courses over the years, and they are not only a blast to attend, but I always take something away that will make me a better driver.

For owners interested in registering for the RS Academy, the website provides a link to enter your email to be notified when registration opens. Once registration opens, I am adding my name to the list.

Focus RS
2016 Focus RS (Photo YouTube) /

Not just to take advantage of a free performance driving school; I want to see exactly what the all-wheel drive, Dynamic-Torque Vectoring system is capable of. Can you say “Drift Mode! My only concern is Ford’s announcement last month that all remaining RS allocations will be 2017 models…will the RS supply meet the demand?

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Art of Gears will keep you updated on all the details as they become available. For more information on the upcoming Ford Focus RS Adrenaline Academy, visit the official website.