Finally, The Tesla Model 3 Full Details!

Photo Credit: Tesla Motors via Screenshot
Photo Credit: Tesla Motors via Screenshot /

March 31, 2016 is also known as Tesla Model 3 day.

We have waited a long time for the Model 3 to come out.  Initially, there was hype around the car with limited details.  The only true conclusion we could come up with is that the car would be 80% the size of a Model S and compete against other entry level luxury cars such as the BMW 3-series, Audi A4, and Mercedes C-class.

Further details about consistent range about the price point was included as well.

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We couldn’t wait either.  We thought we had details from an

Instagram image

.  We found more rumors about its’

power, price range, and city range

.  We compared the theoretical numbers to a

pre-owned Model S

.  We even talked about how to view the

unveiling live

.  This didn’t feel like any ordinary vehicle unveiling.  It wasn’t that long ago where I likened it to waiting for


all over again.

People were already placing their $1,000 deposits prior to any information or sight of the car.  We likened it to what would be the modern version of Mustang sales in 1964.

So, what were the results?

TeslaModelI /

Elon Musk began with environmental concerns.  The goal of Tesla was to make sustainable transport.  Using the facts based on the presentation, there has been a 2.3* F increase around the world, and a record high 403.5 parts per million of carbon dioxide, which may link to 53,000 deaths per year.

  1. Economies of scale to make the car affordable
  2. 5 Star safety in all categories
  3. 0-60 less than 6 seconds with base model
  4. Range EPA rated 215 miles with base model
  5. Standard autopilot, autopilot safety features standard
  6. Seating for 5 adults
  7. Roof, continuous glass
  8. Supercharging standard
  9. Double the number of superchargers throughout the U.S. within a given time period.  End of 2017 7,200 total.
  10. Expansion to 441 locations worldwide
  11. $35,000 base price
TEslamodelM /

These specifications are relatively unbelievable.  The expansion rate for Tesla is accelerated to keep up with the mass volume expected to be sold when the the Model 3 is out to sell.

Total numbers of orders surpassed 115,000.